What are the Different Types of Hunting Tree Stands?


There are various types of tree stands for hunters, just like hunting blinds. Of course, your ultimate selection will depend on your requirements and preferences. Your physical capabilities, the condition and location of your expedition will certainly dictate the kind of tree stand to buy. Yet, you may require several tree stand styles to accommodate any hunting scenario you encounter. 

Here are some major types of hunters tree stands:

Climbing Tree Stands

If you're a physically fit hunter, a climbing stand is ideal for you. You can bring it with you to the field on the day you're going hunting because it's extremely portable and requires no extra equipment to work. To climb a tree using the stand, you shift up one section of the stand as you place your weight on the other. This stand may not be ideal for all types of trees, especially the very large or small ones. Such a stand comes with a footrest and a seat, and it's one of the most comfortable types to use.

Fixed Stand

A fixed stand has the versatility to suit a diverse range of trees. Setting it up is comparatively easy and quick. To use this stand, start by identifying a tree and setting it up a couple of days prior to the day of the hunt. You'll need a ladder or climbing steps to use it. These extra components are sold separately, though. 

Ladder Tree Stands

Ladder tree stands are fixed to trees that have a platform at the top. You may find a ladder tree that comes with a chair or another whose chair is bought separately. Typically, these stands are built for a board range of trees.

Many ladder stands are capable of accommodating several persons. This makes them ideal for hunters that would want to bring a videographer to capture the event live. You could also bring a child with you.

These stands are heavier, however, with their set up involving more than one person most of the time. That's why ladder stands usually stay in one place the entire season. The highest you can climb using the ladder depends on how long it is.

It's important to understand well the different types of tree stands and deer blinds for hunters. Examine the features that each tree stand offers and decide if it matches your needs and capabilities. Hopefully, the above descriptions can help you select the right type of hunters' tree stands.

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